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Try Organic Gardening!

There are several types of lettuce like butterhead, crisphead, leaf and romaine lettuce. The most common type of lettuce that is purchased in the local super market is the crisphead like iceberg. Butterhead is a small variety with soft tender leaves that don’t grow tightly packed. It has a some what buttery flavor. Leaf varieties are the most common in the home garden. There leaves are ruffled or curly and come in a variety of color from red to deep green. Romaine is a tall variety that has ridged leaves that are tightly packed together with a dark green outer leaf and the inner leaves being lighter in color. It is considered the most favored variety among most people.

Aquaponics is growing your favorite vegetables, herbs, or plants using water in your aquarium or fish tank. Instead of tilling the land; water will be piped into the fish tank.

Once your beds or rows have been planted, care is needed to keep them weeded. This is critical with any root crop. Hand weed and be careful not to damage there roots. Once the seedlings are 2 to 4 inches tall you need to thin them to 4 to 6 inches apart and when the root of the beets get to a diameter of 1 inch you will need to pull every other one out, water deeply and mulch the beds to control weeds.

You do not need some 18,000 DVD course to learn how to get Traffic. The key is to realize what kind of traffic that you want. Who do you want to be in front of? And most importantly how do you leverage that traffic?

Planting organic produce in more church back yards would be doing good deeds and acts of kindness for Sacramento’s hungry. In June, 2011, the church teamed up with self-taught Organic Gardening buff James Bridges to plant a community garden that the church has been working toward for several years.

The exercise in planting the food may be good for you. And eating more vegetables and fruits instead of starchy fillers also may help to curb obesity. But you don’t have to plant the food or weed the garden to eat. The produce will be given away.

Know Nutritional Facts about Food. It’s important to educate ourselves so we know what kinds of food are good for our bodies, and what we should stay away from. If health and vigor are important to us, we must research the nutritional facts of the foods we eat.