There are many plant combinations that work well together. One combination that dates back many centuries (it was originally used by Native Americans) is known by the nickname of “The Three Sisters”. This involves planting corn, beans and squash together in the same area. The corn provides a structure for the beans to grow up. The beans fix nitrogen in the soil, which helps the corn and squash grow. The squash performs triple duty – it provides a ground cover that restricts the growth of weeds, it helps keep moisture in the soil by acting as a living mulch, and the prickly hairs of it’s vines deter pests.When you are getting ready to sow your beet seeds and the climate is either hot or dry, soak the seeds in water for about twelve hours to promote there germination.The lessons of the tomato are fresh in my mind and I have decided to devote myself to gardening via the farmer’s market from now on. If the day is too hot or blustery or wet, I can buy produce indoors at the local town market. The region’s Sufi farm provides organic vegetables for purchase there.Peoples who have tried foods grown in the hydroponic system complained about the lack of flavor. However, there is much flavor with the aquaponics system as the plants and the fish have been raised with their natural foods.Second, the home grown food is cheaper. It is hard to believe, but true. That is because the methods used in Organic Gardening are more effective. Plants are mixed together to make the positive impact on each other. One of several consequences of this is that this system regulates itself and it does not require the expensive growth stimulants.Water farming has been around for eons of time; however, aquaponics or hydro farming is fast becoming popular. If gardening is your passion you will love this type of gardening.